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Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are a more nutritious alternative to lettuce, with a great crunchy texture, it is simple to substitute lettuce for sprouts in many dishes such as wraps and sandwiches. Alfalfa is high in enzymes that help to increase the body's ability to eliminate toxins while improving digestion. If you would like to learn more about the nutrition facts of Alfalfa Sprouts, click the photo to the left!


Alfalfa onion Sprouts

Alfalfa Onion Sprouts are a wonderful combination of alfalfa sprouts and onion sprouts, this duo is packed with protein and has a unique subtle onion flavor. These sprouts are an excellent addition to savory foods such as hamburgers or tacos! 



 Broccoli Spouts have a tangy or mild pepper-like flavor, they are greenish-yellow in color and are slightly smaller in size compared to other sprouts. They can be an excellent addition to sandwiches, and are often blended into healthy smoothies for their many nutritional benefits.  These sprouts are high in the cancer fighting compound Sulforaphane, and are also rich in phytochemicals which have been presumed to play a role in degenerative disease prevention.

clover Sprouts

Clover Sprouts are more hearty and robust in their size as well as their flavor when compared to most other sprouts, perfect for: salads, subs, and garnish.  Clover sprouts have the most substantial amount of isoflavones of any sprouts variety, isoflavones have been proven to combat cancer. If you would like to learn more visit "Why Sprouts."


Daikon Sprouts

With a spicy taste that can pack a punch, similar to the taste of a full-grown radish, you can use these sprouts to spice up something as simple as soup, or as gourmet as sushi. A fantastic source of vitamin C and potassium, as well as rich in antioxidants. 

Sunflower sprouts

Sunflower Sprouts are a micro-green that has a very nice crunch with a rich nutty taste which goes well with any sandwich and makes for a perfect garnish or base. Sunflower sprouts are packed with vitamins and enzymes helpful to the body.



Wheat Grass is natures supper food! Once juiced properly wheat grass has a very sweet and rich flavor followed by a strong flavor of, you guessed it, grass. Wheat Grass benefits are plentiful: Studies have shown wheat grass may help the prevention and treatment of cancer, and also improve the effects of chemotherapy! Wheat grass aids in fighting infections! Wheat grass treats gastrointestinal distress! Research has found wheat grass helps in preventing and treating diabetes! Wheat grass helps in boosting metabolism! Wheat grass boost your immune system! Wheat grass helps detoxifies your blood! The list goes on and on!!!! Take a shot of wheat grass a day and enjoy long and healthy life!