Q: How do I choose Fresh Sprouts? 

A: Like buying all produce visual inspection is important. Look for fleshy white roots and bright colorful foliage. Sprouts that appear to be dry or lacking in color can be indicative of less than optimal freshness. It is widely acknowledged by producers that sprouts have a shelf life of approximately two weeks.

Q: How do I Know if sprouts have gone bad? 

A: Look for spots of brown/yellow, these spots often are slimy to the touch. Most of the time, if the spot is very small it can be removed and the remaining sprouts will be safe for human consumption. However, if the entirety of the container appears dehydrated and the sprouts are shriveled in appearance it is likely that they have reached their expiration date. 

Q: Does my Newly Bought BROCCOLI/daikon sprouts have mold on them?

A: No, both broccoli and daikon sprouts have small root hairs or cilia made primarily of protein that naturally form on the sprout's roots, to the naked eye this is easily mistaken for a white and fluffy mold like substance. If you are still unsure if the product is fresh, please revert to the above question. 

Q: Does Wheat-grass contain gluTen?

A: No, while wheat-grass is a product with wheat in its name, it is actually an adolescent wheat plant that is still in the grass phase of it's life-cycle and has not yet synthesized the gluten protein that is present in its adulthood.  Furthermore our facility is tested and verified to be completely gluten free. 

q: How do i store sprouts?

A: All sprouts have to be refrigerated! ideally between 34 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If they are left un-refrigerated and become warm/hot they will decay, if they are stored in too cold of conditions they will freeze and die.  

Q: Do i need to wash sprouts before eating them?

A: It is optional, we wash and test the sprouts at our facility. If desired it doesn't hurt to give the sprouts a quick rinse before consuming them. However it is detrimental to the sprouts if they are watered and then stored for later consumption. 

Q: What is the three-digit number found on our packaging mean? 

A: It is our batch/tracking code, which we use to monitor and track our sprouts, each code is linked to a specific test result which ensures a negative finding for both Salmonella and E.Coli before they have been shipped!