About Us


It all started when…

Joe and Jack Mahoney started growing alfalfa sprouts in their parents basement in 1976 for their own personal health benefits. After a few years of growing sprouts for family and friends, Jack Mahoney moved to the country in River Falls Wisconsin in the 1980s and started Jack and the Green Sprouts. In 1989 Joe Mahoney became an official partner of Jack and the Green Sprouts and then later in 1991 he bought the company from his brother Jack and became CEO. At that point, just down the hill from his house in the River Falls countryside, Joe built the indoor hydroponic buildings that are in operation today! A few years later when his sons became of age they started working in the farm for some extra gas money in high school. After some time in college, Vincent Mahoney came to work for Jack and the Green Sprouts full time to get to know the business his father built, and a short time later so did Blake Mahoney. After falling in love with the company and sprouts, fast forward a few years, and Vincent and Blake are now currently running the business and are in the process of becoming the new partner owners of Jack and the Green Sprouts and carrying on the sprout growing legacy! Today Jack and the Green Sprouts is truly a family owned and operated business with Joe, Cristina, Vincent, Blake and Trent all contributing to the business and keeping the down home mom and pop values that make this small business the best supplier of sprouts in the Mid-West!